Fruit Ninja: Blitz Combo List

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You will get blitz combos if you complete a 3 combo come with in a certain time. Pay close attention to your background. When you’re on blitz there’s an arrow upward. 3 combos: Combo Blitz – + 5 6 combos: Great Blitz – + 10 9 combos: Awesome Blitz – + 15 12 combos: Super Blitz – + 20 15 combos: Hyper Blitz – + 25 18 combos and above: Unbelievable Blitz – + 30

Getting high Blitz Combos: A blitz doesn’t have to be three combos. If you only do combos of 3 fruits each then you need three combos but I believe two 4 fruit combos are also enough to generate a blitz. A 4 fruit and a 5 fruit combo is definitely enough to give you a blitz.

10 Plus Combos: 10+ combos are easy to get whenever you have a freeze + frenzy going. Just wait for the screen to fill and then mash all fruit you see in a quick progression. If you’re not concerned with some of the first fruit falling off the screen.

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