Fruit Ninja: General Hints

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Fruit Ninja: General Hints

Cut the pineapple three times: It seems that this is based on luck. What you need to do is to wait up to two hours at a time to fly and wait and pray that there is a third party. If it does not cut the fruit and move on.

Great success of using Bunch: For the “beautiful bouquet” you need a combo of 6 coconut Zen mode (can also be achieveable in other modes).

Achievements of Year of Dragon: For the secret fruit special, you play in classic mode and finally a large fruit fly across the screen from left to right. Not only will you achieve, but you will also get 50 bonus points. For more secrets, you have to get 0 fruit, 69 fruit, 99 fruit, and you must get your correct score high, then you just let youself lose.

Strawberry helps Facts: For facts on strawberries go zen mode and get a combo with most of the strawberries and get a.

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