Fruit Ninja How to Score Over 1000 Points Walkthrough! – No Hacks or Cheats!

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- This is purely for those who strictly want a score above 1000. This is just the easiest way I’ve found to do that.
**Most Important Thing: Start the game and go directly into New Game / Arcade Mode.** The first round is always the same. (Yes, that means if you mess up, you’ll need to exit the game completely, reload and try again.)

UPDATE: Even higher score. At 3:09 I hit my final freeze banana on the right of my screen. If you hold off for a moment and slash it at the screen’s mid-point, another double score banana will appear a few moments before the round finishes.

at 3:09 when the frozen banana comes if u hit it somewhere in´╗┐ the midle at the last 10 sec a 2x banana will appear

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