Fruit Ninja Unlockables Blades Walkthrough

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Here are the list of the unlock able blades for Fruit Ninja.

Disco Blade: Slice 50 Banana’s.

Mr. Sparkle Blade: Slice 3 Pineapples in a row, in Classic Mode.

Old Glory Blade: Finish a game with a score of “50″ points.

Butterfly Knife Blade: Get a combo with strawberry 40 times.

Flame Blade: Score a combo after the timer ends in Zen Mode.

Ice Blade: Slice 20 Freeze Banana’s in Arcade Mode.

Shadow Blade: Get a score of at least 175 in Zen Mode, playing upside down. (Device is right way up)

Pixel Love Blade: Get 50 Combos in Classic Mode.

Piano Blade: Slice 100 Critical’s.

Party Time Blade: Slice every strawberry and nothing else in a game of Arcade Mode.

Bamboo Shoot Blade: Play a Full Game of Zen Mode everyday, 5 days in a row.

shadow blade

you have to lock the iPad’s orientation by clicking the iPad’s “Home” button twice quickly, then you should see a row of icons along the bottom of the screen…drag them from left to right until you see a screen where it has controls for audio like play, volume and then all the way on the left is a square silver button with a circular arrow. hit that button…it’s the “Orientation Lock” button…you should now see a lock in the middle of the circular arrow. That means that when you turn your iPad upside down, the screen won’t turn with you, so you can play upside down!

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